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Every day-out is made better with the company of a four-legged friend. 🐶 💛 🚘

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Our research into the best sing-a-long driving songs inspired @TheZineUK to find out more about essential car tunes…

What else would you add to the list?

Big wheels keep on turnin'

All eyes are on you AJ! Anyone else unable to resist a cheeky shoulder shuffle?

What better excuse than #TrafficFest!

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We're rollin', rollin'

Here’s to all the backseat groovers and car seat movers!

The family fun has just begun in Tigerlilly's car for #TrafficFest

Big wheels keep on turnin'

We're used to hearing Capital star Roman sing-a-long on the radio, now see him get his in-car party on for #TrafficFest.

Anyone else a big fan of a steering wheel drum solo…?

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is the ultimate sing-a-long car song

The votes are in...the UK's favourite sing-a-long driving tune is...

*drum roll please* Bohemian Rhapsody! Scaramouche! Who agrees? #TrafficFest


Believe it or not....

Believe it or not, almost HALF of you care about music so much that you've fallen out about the tunes in the car!

Tag a backseat stereo driver to let them know they're not alone…

We're getting a lot of calls right now. You can avoid queuing on the phone by reporting your breakdown using our app. Wait somewhere safe and we'll be with you as soon as we can.

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Since the Beast from the East struck, over 108,000 drivers have called on us for help. Thank you to all our Members and rescue teams for keeping calm and carrying on.

Due to the recent weather we're experiencing high demand for service. We’re prioritising Members who are in vulnerable or dangerous locations. If you’re safe at home, it’s unlikely we’ll get to you today. If you need help use our app to report a breakdown, it’s the fastest way.

AA Singing Baby TV Ad March 2018

Crikey, what a week! ❄️ 🚗 Here’s something to get you smiling again though – our singing baby’s back on TV! 👶🎶

It’s busy in the major cities this morning so only travel if you really need to, especially in London and the North West as there’s lots of cars needing help. Take care everybody.

There’s still a lot of Members needing our help in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leicester. It’s got busier in Liverpool and on some motorways surrounding London. Please be careful if you’re out on the road.

Still lots of people having car trouble in central London, Birmingham and Manchester. Leicester is also now very busy. Please take care when travelling and again, only go out if you really need to.

We’re prioritising Members who are in vulnerable or dangerous locations. If you’re safe at home, it’s unlikely we’ll get to you today. If you’re not already a Member, we’re sorry but we can’t help right now.

If you are with us and need help, use our app to report a breakdown, it’s the fastest way.

There’s still a lot of Members breaking down in central #London and #Birmingham, #Manchester is also very busy now so take care on the roads and only go out if you have to. Take care.

A LOT of our Members are broken down in central London and Birmingham at the moment.

We’re doing everything we can to get to those who need us, so thanks for your patience. Drive safely.

Lots of snow and ice on the roads again today, so drive safely everyone.

If you’re a Member and need help, use our app, it’s the fastest way to report a breakdown. Unfortunately as we are busy, we’re unable to sign up new customers who are broken down at the moment.

We're aware a letter with our Member Benefits is showing a promotion with a past expiry date, this voucher can be used, it is the date not the code that's incorrect. We're sorry if this caused any confusion.

Suddenly those sticky August heatwaves don’t seem so bad…

Births, Marriages & Breakdowns | Stories from the roadside

You might call it ‘extreme’. We call it ‘just another day at work’.

Shout-out to everyone who's smiling on the outside, but freezing on the inside.

Never lose your car again with Car Genie. No more traipsing around the car park for our Members! #AACarGenie

Here's to you - and a safe journey home!

With another Christmas over, here's to you, the one who made it all happen.

Want to be first at the sales? Our App will help you find that elusive parking space. #AAapp #BoxingDaySales

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas! 🎅 #Christmas

Tag a friend who looks like a right diva in this glare 😎💅 #WinterGlare

This weather is just unbearable!

Lots of snow and ice on the roads today so safe journeys everyone!

Don’t forget if you do need us to use our app http://www.theaa.com/apps. It’s the fastest way to report a breakdown.

On this day in 1901, Walt Disney was born. What's your fave Disney film?

Did someone say Pay Day Weekend? Members of the AA, don’t forget to get your discount 👅 Miller & Carter #WinnerWinnerSteakDinner #FoodieFriday

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For the fourth year running our Cheadle office is a drop off point for Key 103's Cash For Kids to dontate unwrapped gifts for disadvantaged children in Manchester from 0-18 years old. Key103 #MissionChristmas #AA

Aston Villa FC


We’re pleased to welcome our newest signing… Albert Adomah 😂 Aston Villa FC

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